Module Overview

Feature Modul Verwaltet von Beschreibung URL
Ad Integration ad_integration Thunder Nur intern
Google analytics google_analytics contrib
IVW Integration ivw_integration Thunder Interface for the German audience measurement organisation
Rest API services Drupal-Core Full exposure of drupal functionality as Rest API
Formattable text ckeditor Drupal-Core Editor can use standard formatting in texts
Scheduled content publish scheduler contrib Schedule publishing and depublishing of content
Responsive editorial interface seven_theme Drupal-Core The editorial interface can be used on any device
Dynamic image cropping focal_point contrib Set the point of interest in an image. Automatic croppings will contain this part of the image.
Media metadata media contrib Add meta information like expiry date or copyright to media objects
Responsive Images responsive_images Drupal-Core Use picture tag to provide specific images for different devices
HTML Meta tags metatag contrib Fully editable HTML meta tags. Supports Facebook's Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Dublin Core
URLs pathauto contrib Clean URLs for all types of content through predefined patterns
Migrations migrate Drupal-Core Easily migrate data from other CMSs with support for incremental migrations and rollbacks
Infinite Theme Infinite-theme
Thunder infinite scrolling; whenever a user reaches the end of an article, the Infinity Theme loads further relevant content, thus increasing user engagement.
Modular article composition paragraphs contrib Enables writers to compose their articles in a modular way
Predefined article and content structure Thunder_article
Thunder Base set of standardized article fields Included in Thunder profile
Quiz tool / Riddle riddle_marketplace Industry partner Create interactive content such as opinion polls, lists, pop quizzes or personality tests.
Facebook instant Articles facebook_instant_articles contrib Export articles to facebook

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